New Mexico State University
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The Steering committee

Clary, Cynda (Co-Chair) Office of the Provost 3445
Thomas, Jack (Co-Chair) Animal & Range Science 3I
Bosland, Judy Student Success 3EM
Brook, Kathy College of Business Administration & Economics 3AD
Casados, Felicia Grants Campus, Campus Executive Officer 1500 N Third St
Grants, NM 87020
Chieffo, Anna Dona Ana Campus, Interim Campus Academic Officer 3DA
Czerniak, Robert College of Arts & Sciences 3335
Derlin, Roberta College of Extended Learning 3WEC
Franklin, Troy Athletic Dept. 3145
Gallegos, Anne Special Ed & Communication Disorders 3SPE
Grotevant, Susan Business/Finance 3AA
Hites, Michael Chief Information Officer 3AT
Howard, Maureen University Communications 3K
Hughes, Julie University Communications 3K
Lalla, Sharon Computer Information Systems 3AT
LaTorra, Michael English Department 3E
McCarthy, Bill Civil Engineering 3CE
Moore, Scott Dean of Students 3923
Nesbitt, Tim Business Resource Planning 3AGB
Pierard, Cindy Reference & Research Services 3475
Santana-Melgoza, Carmen Institutional Research, Planning & Outcomes Assessment 3004
Taylor, Jennifer Office of the Vice President for Business & Finance 3AA
Vazquez, Enedina Graduate School 3G
Wood, Karl Water Resources Research Institute 3167
Woods, Ben Office of the Vice President for Human & Physical Resources 3545


Complete list of all committee members

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