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University Accreditation (2008 Archive)

What it's all about and why it's important:

Accreditation is a process that evaluates quality and provides a road map for institutional improvements. It assures students that their academic programs meet nationally recognized standards. Accreditation is required for NMSU to receive federal funds for student financial aid and research.

In fall 2005, NMSU began an extensive institutional review, called a self-study, to prepare for its reaccreditation evaluation by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. As part of this process, NMSU's Las Cruces and Grants campuses will be visited by an HLC peer review team April 28-30, 2008. The Doņa Ana campus, which is seeking independent accreditation, will be visited by a separate team at the same time.

The Foundations of Excellence (FOE) in the First College Year is the official special emphasis in the Las Cruces self-study process. This section of the report will discuss how NMSU has addressed recommendations of an FOE Task Force and Dimension Review Teams to improve student success in the first year of college and will provide an initial assessment of the results of these efforts.

Self Study Goals:

To engage the University community and its constituents in an open and inclusive self-study process that assures the quality of our programs and results in full re-accreditation by:

  • Conducting an explicit and candid evaluation.
  • Providing evidence of how the University fulfills each criteria for accreditation.
  • Stating succinctly institutional priorities for continuous improvement and change.
  • Enhancing NMSU's ability to fulfill its mission and attain its goals for Living the Vision: A Performance Plan for Excellence.

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