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The NMSU system consists of 5 unique institutions: NMSU-Las Cruces is a four-year research university and NMSU-Alamogordo, NMSU-Carlsbad, NMSU-Dona Ana and NMSU-Grants are two-year community colleges. While all part of one system, each of the community colleges, with the exception of NMSU-Grants, is independently accredited through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) regional accrediting agency. Per HLC policy, each independently accredited campus has an appointed HLC Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO). The ALO serves as a second line of communication (in addition to the chief executive officer) about Commission policies, practices, and other matters related to accreditation. The chief executive officer of each accredited campus appoints the ALO. Commission identified responsibilities for the ALO are found on the HLC website. In addition, ALOs receive the report of actions following each meeting of the Commission’s Board of Trustees.

HLC ALOs for the NMSU System Campuses (HLC ALOs)

In addition, NMSU has established NMSU College and Unit Accreditation Liaison Officers (NMSU-ALOs), whose primary role is to facilitate ongoing communication between their respective colleges or divisions and the NMSU Office of Accreditation. ALOs are critical to cultivating knowledge about and participation in institution and program accreditation activities. HLC and NMSU ALOs participate in system-wide bi-monthly meetings.

NMSU College & Unit ALOs (NMSU ALOs)

Currently, NMSU-LC is working to establish Accreditation Liaison Contacts (ALCs) in each academic department who are responsible for accreditation and related activities in their department and/or program(s).

NMSU Accreditation Liaison Contacts (ALCs) [coming soon]

Whether at the campus, college, unit or program level, the ALO and ALC serves as an accreditation expert and reports to respective college deans and campus leadership throughout the NMSU system. ALO and ALC responsibilities include

  • oversight of accreditation processes and actions, including documenting, tracking, and disseminating relevant accreditation information
  • assisting units in meeting and retaining accreditation standards
  • ensuring timely and thorough completion of required accreditation activities
  • cultivating positive and mutually beneficial relationships between the university, college or unit and accrediting agencies
  • monitoring interactions and preparing for accreditation reviews and site visits (e.g. dates of visits, required reporting, maintenance activities, etc)
  • facilitating a culture continuous improvement and awareness of accreditation activities
  • maintaining up-to-date information about accreditation that is readily available to both internal and external audiences

At the appropriate level, the ALO or ALC should have a broad knowledge of higher education structure, policy, and procedure, including but not limited to

  • regional accreditation standards
  • program and specialized accreditation policies, procedures and standards
  • assessment of student learning outcomes
  • students services
  • institutional operations

At various levels, all ALOs and ALCs should be able to

  • communicate effectively with the academic leaders, external agencies, and other stakeholders
  • work productively with faculty and other groups
  • coordinate on-site visits by external agencies
  • prepare and manage a budget
  • contribute to broad conversations about accreditation policy

Specific Reporting and Communication Responsibilities

All ALOs and ALCs are responsible for maintaining ongoing and open communication regarding their accreditation with the NMSU Executive Director of Accreditation. The Director should be included on any and all interactions between the ALO or ALC and an external accreditor. In addition, all materials prepared for an external accreditor must be reviewed and approved by the Director prior to submission to the accreditor. The ALO and ALC should allow a minimum of 4 working day for review of materials and additional time to make revisions as necessary prior to submission. Final documents must be copied to the Executive Director of Accreditation.

2015-16 Accreditation Liaison Officers

2015-2016 Academic Year Meeting Agendas & Minutes

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