Projects and Initiatives

The Teaching Academy

NMSU's Teaching Academy supports faculty professional development in many areas. Specific to writing, the Academy offers many opportunities for faculty to develop as writers, and to effectively incorporate writing into the courses they teach. In the following video Dr. Tara Gray, Director of the Teaching Academy, explains in detail how the Academy supports writing.

The Common Read

In fall 2016 NMSU launched a "Common Read" project. All incoming freshmen were invited to read a book selected by NMSU faculty and staff that would be linked to learning activities both inside and outside of the classroom during the 2016-17 academic year. A Common Read creates a shared experience between students, faculty and staff and allows the exchange of ideas to expand beyond the classroom. In the following video, Dr. Mariam Chaiken, Dean of the Honors College provides more details.

Teaching Idea:  Socratic Note-Taking

To encourage students to read more critically and better comprehend the textbook for his Philosophy class, Dr. Mark Walker uses a Socratic note-taking approach. For more information see the Pedagogy section at the bottom of Dr. Walker's faculty page. In the following video Dr. Walker provides more detail about this approach.

Dr. Walker's Webpage

Join The Conversation

What are your teaching practices for improving students reading and writing? Have you tried a method or technique that worked with your students? Would you like to share your experiences other faculty members? Submit any written ideas or ask for a filmed interview by contacting Kefaya Diab at

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