Accreditation Liaisons

The NMSU Executive Director of Accreditation is responsible for oversight of all NMSU-system accreditations, including each campus’ regional accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission and all specialized professional accreditations. The Executive Director monitors and maintains updated information on all of NMSU’s accreditations, and provides guidance and support as needed to those who are directly engaged in maintaining accreditations for their college and/or program(s).

All Accreditation Liaisons (ALOs and PALs) are responsible for maintaining ongoing and open communication with the Executive Director of Accreditation and their respective Dean or VP, regarding all accreditation matters. Specifically, Accreditation Liaisons are responsible to:

  • Submit a DRAFT of self-study documents and other reports for review and feedback by the Executive Director of Accreditation and their academic dean or VP no less than 30 days prior to the submission deadline. 
  • Request assistance from the Executive Director of Accreditation as needed, and particularly if related to an upcoming report or site visit.
  • Schedule face-to-face meetings w/ the Executive Director of Accreditation PRIOR to submission of self-study documents and PRIOR to the site visits.
  • Notify the Executive Director of Accreditation regarding any formal interactions and or updates with accrediting agencies (e.g. confirmation/change of site visit dates, change of standards, notification of standing, etc.).
  • Work through the Executive Director of Accreditation to schedule meetings between accreditors and the NMSU President or Provost during a site visit (the Executive Director will work w/ administrative staff to schedule requested meetings).
  • Submit the final site-visit schedule to the Executive Director of Accreditation no less than one week prior to the site visit. 
  • Submit all official accreditation documents to the Executive Director of Accreditation as soon as they are received (letter of accreditation, interim or final report from accreditor, etc.).
  • Copy the Executive Director of Accreditation on all correspondence with Accreditors/Accrediting Agencies.

Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Accreditation Liaison Officers (HLC ALOs)

Each NMSU-system campus is regionally accredited by the HLC. NMSU-Grants is accredited as a branch campus of NMSU-Las Cruces, and NMSU-Alamogordo, NMSU-Carlsbad and NMSU-Dona Ana are each independently accredited by the HLC. Each independently accredited campus has an appointed HLC ALO. The campus ALO is the official campus contact for the HLC. NMSU’s HLC ALOs meet regularly throughout the year.

Program Accreditation Liaisons (PALs)

Each college and accredited service area has an appointed accreditation liaison. College and service area accreditation liaisons maintain oversight of accreditation(s) within their college/area and are responsible for maintaining timely and consistent communication with the executive director of accreditation about accreditation matters within their colleges/areas.

Each program with specialized accreditation designates one individual as the Program Accreditation Liaison (PAL). The PAL is responsible for maintaining timely and complete communication with the Executive Director of Accreditation, fulfilling accreditation reporting and communication requirements, and for maintaining the accreditation’s good standing.