Faculty Equivalent Tested Experience Qualifications

The Faculty Credentials Processing form has been replaced with an Adobe Sign workflow, Faculty Equivalent Tested Experience Qualifications. This new flow will handle the correct routing and will inform all parties when the form has been completed/uploaded to Banner. 

Please send any questions or problems to accreditation@nmsu.edu

View a flowchart on how the process works. 


*Please ensure you select the Workflow versus the Template. The Template will have no emails to route the approval through. See the next section for further explanation. 

How to Submit a Form for Approval

1. Sign into Adobe Sign 

Sign in to Adobe Sign at  https://secure.na2.echosign.com/public/login using your NMSU email address (no password is needed on Adobe Sign, but you may be prompted to log in through the MyNMSU portal). 

Screenshot of the Adobe Sign log in

2. Select "Start from Library"

Adobe Sign landing page

If your screen does not look like the one above, you are in the Adobe Sign Classic Experience. Below are instructions on how to switch to the New Experience or how to submit a workflow using the Classic Experience

Switching to the New Experience

Users can switch which Adobe Sign experience they are using by utilizing the switch experience option under their name in the top, right-hand corner. 

Adobe Sign classic experience landing page.


3. Select the Appropriate Workflow — "Adobe Sign Workflow logo. Faculty Equivalent Tested Experience Qualifications"

On the left side of the pop-up window, select “Workflows”. A list of workflows will appear to the right. Select “Faculty Equivalent Tested Experience Qualifications” from the list of Shared Workflows.
Workflows are identified by the following symbol: Adobe Sign Workflow Logo.

A Template will not have the emails preloaded and will not run an appropriate workflow. 

Adobe Sign workflows in the Library

4. Fill-in Workflow Information

a. Type in the email for the appropriate Dean or College

b. (Optional) Add a CC email. The routing information will be sent to this individual as well. 

c. Update the Document Name to include the name of the individual who is being considered for Equivalent Tested Experience, and the date you are submitting for approval. (e.g. Faculty Equivalent Tested Experience_JohnDoe_2020.12.15)

d. (Optional) Set a reminder — If you would like to send a reminder email, please select the "Every Third Day". This will send a reminder email to the approvers if needed.

Once these areas are complete, press "Next" to open a preview of the form. 

Faculty Equivalent Tested Expjerience Qualifications workflow. Faculty Equivalent Tested Experience Qualifications workflow document information.  


5.  Review Form — Select "Fill, then Send"

After pressing "Next", the form will be submitted to the queue for to be filled. You may receive an email saying "Your Agreement Has Been Sent for Approval". This email serves as notification that the workflow has been submitted and is waiting for the first approver, the initiator, to complete and submit the form. 

Select "Fill, then Send" located in the bottom right corner of the screen (blue button).


6.  Fill out Form and Upload Documents

Fill-out the form and attach required files as indicated on the form for the candidate/employee. These files will be attached at the end of the form and viewable by all approvers as well as anyone you identified to be copied in step 4.*

Selecting the Correct Instruction Level Code & Course Prefix(es):

You must indicate the scope of teaching (level and course prefix(es)) applicable for an instructor who is qualifying under the equivalent tested experience option. Once approved, the scope will be documented on the personnel file and coded in Banner. You will be required to submit a recommended scope using a coding system as described below, based on the instructor’s qualifications in the hiring field.

The “Level of Instruction” for which you are seeking approval should be selected based on the highest level of instruction for which the candidate/employee is qualified to teach in the hiring field (for additional details, see ARP 6.50). You will have 4 options:

  • To teach lower division undergraduate courses only, select UGLL
  • To teach any level of undergraduate courses, select UGUL
  • To teach master's degree level courses and below, select MAST
  • To teach doctoral level courses and below, select DOCT

The course prefixes should be determined by the field in which the instructor is deemed qualified to teach based on equivalent tested experience. You may include multiple course prefixes as appropriate, but only those that are within the purview of the hiring department. Examples might include:  MATH; STAT; NURS; etc.

Faculty Equivalent Tested Experience Qualification form in Adobe Sign with fields highlighted.

*There are only areas for four file uploads. If you need to upload more than 4, please combine your documents into one pdf (learn how to combine documents).


After completing the form, a "Submit" button will appear in the bottom portion of the page. Press "Submit" to complete the Initiator's role in the workflow and to pass it on for approval. 

7. Routing

The form will now be routed to the Dean/College, Associate Provost for Program Review and Accreditation, and HRS. HRS confirms the approved action and instructional scope have been coded in Banner and the documentation has been placed into the employee file. 

DO NOT FORWARD ADOBE SIGN EMAILS TO INDIVIDUALS IN WORKFLOW. They will get their own individual email with the correct link to sign or approve. 

8. Completion of Workflow

When the workflow is complete, every person in the workflow will receive a final copy of the form. The form will also remain in Adobe Sign for future access. 



What happens if someone in the workflow "Declines to Approve"?

If your request is returned/not approved at any step in the workflow, you will be notified, including a message as to why the request was declined for approval, and the workflow will be canceled. If you were instructed to make changes to the request, submission form, or provide additional documentation, you will need to restart the approval process with a new submission.



How to Approve a Workflow

1. An email will be sent from Adobe Sign (echosign@echosign.com) notifying the approver. 

Subject of email will read "Approval Requested on "Faculty Equivalent Tested Experience Qualifications- [Name_YYYY.MM.DD]"

Select "Review and Approve" on the email 

2. Approve or Decline to Approve 

Select the yellow "Start" tab located at the bottom of the page. 

Faculty Equivalent Tested Experience Qualification form with the approval start button.  

To Approve: 

"Click to Approve" —The form will be routed to the next approver. 

Faculty Equivalent Tested Experience Qualification form in Adobe Sign with a crimson arrow pointing to the blue approve button.

To Decline Approval:

Select the "Options" menu in the top left corner and "Decline to Approve". This will prompt a pop-up to enter comments on why the form is not being approved. 

The form will then be sent back to the originator (and any other approvers who have signed) notifying them that the form has been declined. 

The workflow will need to be re-started to submit the form for approval. 

Faculty Equivalent Tested Experience Qualifications form in Adobe Sign with the Options menu and "Decline to approve" highlighted.

3. Final Copy

When each individual in the workflow has approved, a final copy will be sent to each person involved in the flow an includes a Detailed Audit Report.  


How to Manage Workflows

Individuals can manage their workflows and documents in Adobe Sign through the "Manage" tab located in the top left corner (Under the Adobe Sign logo — crimson box in photo). 

 Adobe Sign Manage screen with the options noted in crimson letters.

a. In Progress

Documents and workflows that you initiated for approval will be located here. The approval process can be canceled here.

b. Waiting for You

Documents/agreements that need your approval or signature can be found here.

c. Completed

All documents/agreements that have completed the approval and signature process can be found here in their final form.

d. Canceled

Approvals that have been canceled either by the initiator or someone in the approval process can be found here.

e. Expired

At this time, the Academic Agreement workflow will not allow for approvals to expire.


How to Cancel a Workflow

If the initiator needs to cancel the workflow, follow the steps below after logging into Adobe Sign. 

1. Go to the "Manage" tab located in the top left corner under the Adobe Sign logo (see photo above). 
2. In the "Status" menu located on the left side of the screen, select "In Progress". 
3. Select the workflow/document that needs to be canceled.
4. A menu will appear on the right side of the screen with options regarding the flow selected. This includes a cancel button. 

When a workflow is canceled, the user is given options to notify every person in the flow, as well as add comments as to why it is being canceled. 

After it is canceled, the workflow and documents will be moved to the "Canceled" section of the left menu.